Sleep 😩😩


My daughter has gone through tough phases with sleep before but none of them even compare to what she’s going through now. It takes 2 hours to lay her down then she’s literally up every 15 minutes the rest of the night unless I rock her or just give up and put her in our bed. In the last 4 nights she’s literally spent less than 6 hours in her crib. I’m at a totally loss.

Things we’ve tired

1. Sleep training- multiple times. Didn’t work and I won’t do it again

2. Earlier bedtime

3. Later bedtime

4. Pretty much ever lavender smelling thing you can buy 😂

5. Putting her back in a sleep sack- she was sleeping in a fleece sleeper.

6. Motrin here before bed in case her teeth are bothering her

Nothing has made any kind of difference at all, we’re all miserable. The only way we get any sleep is to put her in bed with us and I’m not comfortable with that so I don’t end up sleeping, or I sleep in the exact same position all night with my arm around her and wake up not being able to move my neck.