Are you stupid or lazy??

BACKGROUND: My mom started dating this woman a little over a year ago. I moved back home w/ my son and fiance in August(we are moving out soon its temporary). This women we will call her Z is 52 years old.

RANT: We live in a very busy home with young kids, 7 month old, 12 month old, 21month old and a 6 year old. So we have baby gates in the door way of the 7 year old and the craft room. My mom keeps her door shut and we keep the bathroom door shut during the day. We also put in a metal stair gate at the top of our basement stairs. My mom bought the two gates for the craft room and the 7yr old room and they are a little different than your standard wooden gate but nothing to complicated. Everyone has shown Z how to take down and put up the gates. Z would take down the gates and not put them back and my mom told her to stop taking them down of she cant put it back up. Last night Z took the gate and instead of asking for help to put it back up she made it to big for the door way and tried to force it to work so it snapped. Last night my mom told my younger sister (13) to do the dishes then go shower. It was 630pm Z ran to the bathroom to shower than got mad when younger sister knocked on the door and was upset to find her in the shower.

I also got a espresso maker for christmas that is super easy to use. My mom asked me to show her and Z how to use it so when I didnt make any/work they could make themselves some shots. I showed them step by step how to use it I even told them I would grind the beans for them. Z refuses to even try to use it. My mom or I will set it up the night before to make 4 shots so all she has to do it plug it in and turn it on. She wont even do that so now my mom has to make it the night before or get up with her to do it. She cant turn on the Keurig after being shown how to.. we all have to basically park in the grass bc shes so 'scared' to hit our vehicles. I drive a 99 suburban, my mom drives a small SUV and Z drives a 2k16 Honda with a backup camera and everything.

I'm not sure if she was overly protected as a kid, if shes just plain stupid or just lazy.