How do I explain this (PCOS)

I used to be skinny, a good healthy weight. I am actually obese now and finally found out why I have so much of a problem losing weight. I gained weight in places that weren’t normal for me like my gut and shoulders.

Okay so when the doctor explained this it made total sense. I have been trying to explain this to my mom for days because the doctor put me on metaformin to lose weight and this medication is a diabetes medication and my mom is like “wtf?”.. I am literally going to send this next part to her if people can agree that it makes sense. I have too much testosterone and in short, that male hormone is trying to make my body bigger than it’s supposed to be and it’s fattening me up. Because I have so much testosterone (don’t completely understand this part) My body is taking too much sugar from what I eat and turning into fat, and this can end up leading to diabetes if I don’t start managing it. They said that if I can take this medication my body will stop making more fat than a normal persons body would and when I lose the weight my hormones will level out and my periods will start being regular again and my skin will clear up and I won’t be so hairy. If I can get it under control I lower the diabetes risk which is great too.