Unsettled 8 month not sleeping, I haven’t slept in a couple of days I’m exhausted 😩 she is teething & got a cough any advice appreciated

Miss K

Hi Mama’s

I am desperate for advice on how to settle my 8 month old.

She usually has two naps in the day and then bath and feed then bed, she will have a few feeds in night and settles.

This past few weeks we have all had chesty coughs and flu my little baby has it too but would settle. she started to teethe this week and she has been fighting her naps and will cry and cries at night on & off and is unsettled.

Past few nights have been hard I am exhausted 😩 just would love to be able to take away what is unsettling my baby.

Has been not wanting to eat solids as much either. I give her Gripe Water to settle any gas too.

We give her pain relief of Calpol/paracetamol

I feel so useless what can I do

Thank you ladies 💜