Ok so I had sex on Valentine’s days . It was protected and he did cum but NOT inside me . He pulled out and came. But the thing I’m scared is the condom was stuck inside me. Well not like very deep but when he pulled out it got stuck but it was just the tip part of the Condom that got stuck . And to make sure there were no leaks in the condom , I put water in it afterwards. AND THERE were no leaks and on the 16th I had protected sex and he did not cum at all. And I had PROTECTED sex on the 24th of feb. and he did cum but not inside me he pulled out with the condom still on and no cum near me Should I be fine. ?? I AM 3 days away from expected period and the symptoms I have are very sore breast, bloating, acne, white creamy like discharge, sick to stomach (nauseous a little bit) and my emotions are all over the place!!! SHOULD I BE