Pregnancy related questions

Veronica • •FTM to Ella Mae• 03.30.20•🥺💜🤱🏻•

So I am 18 yrs old a FTM due 03-29 so I’m kinda clueless about pregnancy and everything birth related lol, but I was wondering if it was normal that I am 37 weeks and have yet to notice any type of discharge or that I haven’t lost my mucous plug yet? Does everyone lose it cause it’s allll I’ve been seeing on this app with girls around the same due date as me. Also no signs or labor at all except for extreme vaginal and pelvic pain. Any help would be appreciated :)

Also: How do I know what a contraction feels like if I’m a ftm lol? I have had like random pains so I am assuming those are Braxton Hicks but how would I know what’s the real deal?