Coronavirus lockdown

So, I have a 10 month old and I know many people who are at a higher risk of having complications if they get this virus. My state was put on a lockdown (shelter in place). You can go to work, grocery store or the doctors but no gatherings whatsoever. Now, I do think that myself, my husband and my son would probably be just fine. But I don’t feel like we should be going out and visiting anyone during this time.

I was made to feel like I was crazy (not by my husband) because I didn’t want my husband going to his friends house to help him with something. His friends wife works in healthcare, so she gets exposed to god knows what on a daily basis, and they are definitely not the cleanest people in the world. I just don’t want my baby exposed to anything. Am I being overprotective or paranoid? I just feel like if there’s a shelter in place order, you should take it seriously. I should mention though, that there are no confirmed cases in my county yet and they have tested about 30 people. Idk if I should chill out more, or if I’m not overreacting. I was told “If you think you guys are going to get sick, you’re just as crazy as the people going out and buying 20 rolls of toilet paper.” Which I did not do, by the way. 🙃