Bleeding n pain.


So I'm 6 weeks 4 days pregnant . Cpl of weeks ago I mentioned to my partner I have pain down the right side of my tummy like the right ovary . Pain stopped and I've felt pregnant (still do) I was worried about an eptopic at first but then pain moved to other side. Then yesterday I started getting pain across the middle of my tummy and down the right side again . Pain subsided a little thru the night then once I started to move about this morning it started again . Around 2pm went to loo and was a bit of spotting . Still in pain it's not got worse or better and the pain across my tummy is noticable and contraction like pain in tight side dull hot pain constant. Bleeding has got a little more. Rang 111 to be told beed a scan but because COVID-19 they dont want to send me to hospital unless no other choice ad overrun so want me to see my doc first Been waiting 2 hours for doc to ring back. I know they r busy but I'm sure I'm loosing my baby or having an eptopic . They also mentioned appendicitis but wld that cause the bleeding . Help pls I dont wanna loose this baby we have tried 2 years . We had a misscarriage oct 2019 . So worried .