What does the process of a C-Section feel like?


So, this is my first time ever being pregnant. It took me nearly 4 years to get to this point. Now that I am pregnant, I’ve started to just wonder about many things. One of the things I wonder the most about is how does a C-Section feel? I know you won’t feel being cut open, but I just would like to know from someone how it went for them.

It doesn’t help that I am a registered nurse, and I’ve seen some C-Sections as well as vaginal births. All of this was during clinicals in LPN school and RN school. I had only seen 2 C-Sections and one went smoothly and one went kind of scary because she was telling the doctor that she could feel him cutting her and the anesthesiologist had to put her to sleep. It kind of left me stunned for a while. I did realize that this doctor was being too impatient and she was trying to give birth vaginally but he just wouldn’t wait and that’s why she had to have an “emergency C-Section.” And the baby wasn’t have any decelerations on the heart monitor. It was looking just fine. Even the seasoned nurses realized that the baby wasn’t having an signs of distress. So, I didn’t see why he decided to do that other than to just hurry things along.

I know this isn’t the case majority of the time. And he was probably just a shitty doctor. But, I’m really curious how it feels to have a C-Section because if I have to have one, I would like to have an idea of what it’s like. I’m hoping for a normal vaginal delivery. My doctor did say that C-Sections are his last resort, so that made me feel better. But I would still like to have an idea of what it’s like.