Any one had obstetrics Cholestasis?? I’m 38 weeks pregnant

I had my 38 week check with my midwife today I told her I’ve started to get really itchy at night she did my blood pressure and I had high blood pressure and protein in my urine so she sent me straight up mau they did my blood pressure again and my bloods and another urine sample which came back with Ketones in, they sent me home and said they will call me tomorrow with my blood results, I got home then they called me and said they have found something in my blood results it could be obstetrics cholestasis and they will be calling me first thing in the morning to go back in for a liver scan and then I will need to go back on to the mau, has anyone had Obstetrics cholestasis and baby and yourself been ok, what happened were you induced or given medication, I just need to ease my mind as I haven’t stopped worrying since they called me.