Do I tell him I’m not inlove anymore?

I’ve been with my bf for 7 months. I fell fast for him and so did he. Things haven’t been easy.. a lot of things, break up off and on crap. I fell out of love. We’re together now but it’s rocky. I know some are gonna say its to fast etc etc.

Do I tell him I’m not in love with him anymore? I still love him. I still wanna be with him and fix our relationship but I’m worried he’s gonna leave if I tell him I’m not inlove anymore. Along with relationship drama, Ive had a lot of personal and family stuff going on.. mom got diagnosed with cancer, uncle had a heart attack and stroke, laid off work due to the virus, my depression is bad and my anxiety so it’s not all the relationship. I think he’ll understand due to everything else i’ve had going on but I also think he’ll just end it. Any helpful thoughts?

edit: Yeah. I know this doesn’t sound like a healthy relationship. There’s been a lot of drama for only 7 months. I would go into more detail but here’s the short version.. his ex started texting me trying to say they were still sleeping together, I broke up with him, found out what she was saying was lies from a mutual friend her and I have, got back together. He told me not to be friends with one guy, I ended it. Found out why he didn’t want me friends with the guy, I won’t share the reason but I completely understand and wouldn’t want to be friends with that type of person anyway ( the reason is true, the guy told me himself), got back together. He bailed on me for hanging out, ignored me, I ended it. He apologized, got back together. So it’s been extremely stupid things for the on and off of the relationship and everything he told me could be proved by other people.