Life after toxic relationship

2 years ago I was with a man who wouldn’t let me work in fear that I would cheat on him. He didn’t work either and we lived with his grandma. During that time I truly had no value to my life and did nothing all day. Our breakup came sudden after 2 years being together and wasn’t planned ( he got arrested) even tho I tried to stay, I finally saw a way out. I isolated myself for couple months only talking to my parents on the phone as they didn’t know what I was going through. I had no friends as he wouldn’t let me have any and I truly needed the time alone to heal. Funny thing was, I never felt alone I finally felt free. I turned to art to keep myself busy and that is how I became a business owner of selling my art a year later. Greatest moment of my life and I love it so much. Not to brag, but for the first time in couple of years I finally have $340 in my savings again! I allowed him to manipulate me into him having control of my money and allowed him to run me down to $0, so I am fully in control now. $340 may not seem like much but that was hard earned money and made from something I love so that is better than any lotto ticket.

When I first was leaving him which I wanted a year before but was stuck with him I couldn’t possibly see the good that would come from it. I’m glad I was strong because I wouldn’t have seen this coming and man what a gift!

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