I am single again after being with someone on amd off for 7 months. It has been 3 weeks and the first 2 weeks were so hard! I cried and didn't understood why he always left.. I felt abandoned and depressed.. I feel like I have to rush to move on because I know he is already with someone else. Break ups are very hard for me and it takes me a while to get over that person.. But this time I feel like I have been doing a lot better and remembering how abusive it was and how I deserve someone who doesn't leave me when they are upset with something I said.. It just sucks being alone.. I hate it but learning to be okay with it for the time being. I try not to dwell on it but the weekends are the hardest because there is more down time and I am not so busy unless I see my family or friends which sometimes I don't want to do. I want a partner, my future husband already. I am tired of being single and going through life without a partner who doesn't abuse me or leave me consistently.

Any ladies on here single? If so tell me what you do to move on and not be depressed. 💛