I don't know why I get so irritated

My brother and mom live together in an apt. He has a disability (autism spectrum) qualified by the state, but I know and have seen him being able to work when my dad was around and "forced" him to do work. He is fully mobile and has good social skills....but my mom basically likes the fact he gets $850 a month from the Gov and takes it to pay for their rent. I know he could make more with a real job.

She works, but complains about having to work 40 hours a week and feels she should try to get disability too from the state. It annoys me but I never say anything.

Then they text me throughout the day with quotes from movies they're watching and asking me if I remember. Or if I remember this time or that time etc. I get so annoyed because I'm like, you should be working not reminding me of what you remember from back in the day. Once in a while its fine, but its daily and I work and take care of a husband and a child! My mom goes home early from her job claiming she's not feeling good at least 3x a week. My brother does nothing except spends money on stupid items. The kid doesnt even know how to drive and he is 2 years older than me.

They make the STUPIDEST choices and I ignore them when they do but ugh I wish I could just have a normal relationship and accept them. I just see these poor choices being made and feel like they are both hindering themselves. I have tried to talk to both of them in the past about it, but they both make up stupid excuses for reasons why they don't do this or that. (Like my mom said she didn't want her car ruined if my brother learned how to drive and he needs to save for his own car but yet whatever money she gives him, he can choose what he spends it on)

I'm thinking honestly of going to therapy for this...or just cutting them off or both smh. I know you can't pick your family...and I should be grateful but I can't even sometimes.