I’m so afraid of birth.. help 😞 *potential trigger*

I’m 13 weeks so yes still early.. but I’m terrified..... I’m so scared I’m going to die during birth.. I always have been scared, but I didn’t want it to stop me from having a baby and giving my husband a child.. I was doing okay and then this past week I just can’t stop thinking about it.. I told my therapist and she said the fears are normal and that when I go to give birth I won’t even be thinking about it.. but idk.. I’m so terrified and have basically convinced myself that I’m not gonna make it though this.. and then I read that birth related deaths happen up to 42 days after giving birth and yeah.. that didn’t help lol idk if there are any online classes you guys can recommend or certain types of YouTube videos. I just wanna enjoy this all and be excited and not be so terrified constantly it’s really affecting me 😞😞

Thank you in advance💗