My relationship is hurting at the moment

I’m literally falling into a depression. I’m starting to just resent my boyfriend & feel that I’m checking out. Lately it’s been a lot of drama because I’ve been holding my ground a lot when it comes to his family. I’m not a fan of them , some of them have done some shitty things to me & even now still continue to disrespect me, in the past I dealt with it and would still come around but lately I’m just done with them and refuse to go around that much. Or I find myself throwing an attitude at him when he tries to get me to go hangout with them even after he’s just told me the day before or so that he respects my decision to not be around them and will start considering my feelings more and not ask me all the time to go around. It’s all the fuckin time we get asked to be around them. A bbq, a birthday party, dinner almost every night, it’s so annoying because My bf doesn’t know how to say no because they get offended if their invites are declined. I seriously get nervous stomach when I have to be around them or end up giving in and going because I feel guilty that he has to go by himself or still at the end of the day I don’t want to come off as a bitch to his family or them not like me. My thing is is that this is starting to take an effect on me. We end up fighting about his family and I have to constantly fight teeth and nails to have him see where I’m coming from. Than he will start getting mad at me and start saying that I’m too sensitive blah blah blah than the next day he will be apologizing saying “your right babe I should be respecting your decision to have a break from my fam” than lord behold a day later he’s asking me to go around them. Why can’t he just understand I’m not a fan of them and just let me have a break from them?! I have no problem with him going to functions w/out me but than he will guilt trip me by saying he hates going by himself and that I’m antisocial. Why can’t he just go Without getting bothered every time I say I don’t wanna go around them! He has no prob dragging me around them knowing it upsets me . I’m just over it lately, if he was uncomfortable around my fam I wouldn’t push it I would respect him if he didn’t wanna come around sometimes. I’m just starting to feel like his fam is such a huge over bearing part of his life that maybe i just need to leave him because at this point it’s like their such a big part of our relationship it’s annoying! Like there is no separation between our life and theirs. Its like I’m dating them. It’s so hard to explain. Anyways thanks for letting me vent.