Do you think he likes me??

(Repost since I didn’t really get any responses on the first one)

So I started talking to this guy a few months back and we’ve been texting like crazy ever since. Though I didn’t exactly think I’d be talking to him for than a week or two since we were just sexting. Well, we got to know each other a lot and now we barely even sext. We send paragraph after paragraph to each other and he’s just so sweet and I’m falling for him hard. We talk about cuddling, sharing our favorite movies and tv shows with each other, family, and pretty much everything else. I can feel something there other than lust but I’m worried that’s all he feels even though I know that’s probably not true. I don’t know. I really like this guy. He’s sweet, caring, shares the same hobbies, and he’s just everything I’m looking for in a partner. He pays attention and he takes time out of his day to take little videos of things he’s doing. Talking to each other is something we both look forward everyday and ugh. I’ve completely fallen for this guy. I thought he was only talking to me to keep himself busy during quarantine and he said “well we started talking a little while before quarantine so nothing would change.” And he reassured me that things were going to be the same and he values what we have going on. Now that things have opened back up he’s hanging with his friends, but he’ll text me even when he’s with them. We do whatever we can to feel closer to one another while still allowing each other space.

He lives in a different country so that’s why we haven’t met yet, though we’ve talked about it and it’s something that could happen.

Please excuse my grammar and my blabbering, I’m just soooo nervous and I really like him. I haven’t felt this way about someone in awhile.