Is life suppose to be this hard?

My life is a constant battle every single day. Let me start by saying I’m 20 the youngest of 3. Both my brothers have autism. My oldest brother worst then my middle brother. On top of dealing with them on a daily basis my mother is an alcoholic and she has been for at least 10 years now and probably longer, I was just to young to realize. Over the past year my mother’s drinking has only gotten worse. She will wake up at 4am just to have a drink and will even put it in her coffee at this point. It has gotten to a point where she has an alcoholic seizure and was hospitalized in the ICU for 2 weeks to detox. And in those two weeks I drove home an hour away everyday from college to make sure she was ok and that my brothers were ok. After she was hospitalized and got out all I heard from my relatives and moms friends was that I should be doing more and I’m not helping enough and that I leave my middle brother to pick up all the slack around the house. I really don’t know what else to do. A couple of months before she had the seizure my dad decided that he was going to move half way across the country to start his own business. I typically dorm but had to resort to driving home everyday just to make sure that there was food in the house and her and my brothers were ok. I’m a pre med student right now with hopes of going to med school but slowly I’m thinking it’s just not worth it. My grades are taking a toll due to the constant stress I am put under and now with online classes and having to do it in my hectic house is driving me insane. I really don’t know what to do besides drop out at this point because I’m wasting money for nothing. Sorry if this rant was everywhere but I have to get it out.