So it’s my fault?

Just a rant here.. but If a young girl wants to wear shorts around the house so she can get comfortable, but her mom tells her to wear sweatpants because there are men in the house, does that mean that it is always the women in the wrong when men harass them or make them feel uncomfortable? I overheard my mom saying that she told my sister to put on sweatpants because there are men in the house. I’m only thirteen so I don’t know much, but I DO know that by doing that, you are making your child believe that they are at fault for wearing what makes them comfortable when a man made them feel uncomfortable. If a man looks at your daughter in a creepy way and you realize that she is sitting without her legs closed are you going to fo something about the man or make your daughter feel at fault and that she is the reason why disgusting men are on this planet? It is never the girl’s fault. Never. And why does the man HAVE to be there? He is not even a man if he looks at your daughter like that. Kick him out. Call the cops. Something.. but never make your daughter feel at fault for that.