I’m so blessed..

Any of you non religious people can keep scrolling. Not in a rude way, this post just won’t interest you. I wanted to tell a little bit about myself growing up. I’m 22 now, whenever I was 12, I was severely depressed. I tried to commit suicide and I failed. This lasted for a few years until I got the help and medication that I needed. Fast forward to 18, I was going through a rough time with family. I was drinking almost everyday to numb my feelings. Then it seemed to get better again in time. Fast forward to 21, my life has changed completely, in a not so good way. My family has torn apart and I felt so very alone & I went back to drinking heavily. UNTIL I started meditation and talking to God. Ever since I started talking to God, I never feel alone anymore. I’ve learned that you gotta grow through what you go through. Ever since I started talking to God, I feel as if I’ve become a lot stronger mentally. I’m not suicidal anymore & yes, I still have depression & anxiety but it’s gotten a lot better. A lot of my life I was mad at God because I knew I didn’t deserve what I was feeling. But, now I am honestly thankful for every hardship that I have been through because it made me the strong woman that I am today. Nobody has a perfect life. Everyone goes through hard times. But I know now that eventually, it gets better. Have hope. ❤️😇