He hit me

Advice rant venting letting it all out.

My boyfriend and I got into an argument about something that he misinterpreted. I ended up saying take a dick out your ass and hit me and try to take our son away. I fought for him not to take our son. He ended up spitting on me and hit me again and I did end up hitting him back and I kicked him out. 9 1/2 years of dealing with him and I never thought he would do this to me over something that he misinterpreted. I don’t know what to do. Our son and I is all he has. I feel like a piece of shit. I feel like if I walk away I’m letting myself down and my son down. I love him but I’m so heartbroken in and shocked.😭💔🥺

My mom wants me to pack just my child’s belongs and my clothes and leave him with everything SHE gave us to have a beautiful home. And I don’t want to. Those are mine and I rather sell it online then leave him with anything ! Idk what to do.. idk idk idk