Need some uplifting


This may sound stupid to some but to me it is not so if you are not spiritual please just kindly ignore my post.

I am a Christian and I am very religious. I believe in the Bible and I believe Jesus is coming back one day.

That being said with all this corona virus stuff, the rioting and all the conspiracy theory’s of Bill Gates microchipping people and a one world government have got my anxiety through the roof..

I am a very anxious person and every little Thing gets to me and scares me and makes me think the absolute worst..

I’m really just looking for some encouraging words if you ladies have any.

To those of you who are religious do you all believe the world is ending? Or that all of these “conspiracy’s” are really going to happen?

I believe god can turn what the world means for evil into good and that he can heal our land I am just very scared and anxious and I need some support.

Thank you ladies for listening to me and I’m so sorry for the long post💜