Following me to the bathroom

Anyone else’s S/O follow them to the bathroom? It’s weird that when I get up to use the bathroom suddenly he has to go too. And when I try to let him go first he catches a fit which is veryyyy odd. I truly don’t understand. And then when I’m in the bathroom he bangs on the door sporadically to get in to use the bathroom but he won’t talk. He won’t say “I have to use the bathroom he will just knock and when I answer he says nothing. Strange. Then I get out assuming he has to go too like it was so urgent. The thing is y’all, we have two bathrooms in the house. One toilet has issues so it can only take number 1s. And even that’s a stretch cuz the plumbing is so bad. The bathroom I use is fine. But when he has to pee he will knock on my door instead of going to the other bathroom. When anyone else is in here he will just wait and not bother them. It’s odd that his knocking starts about 5 minutes after I’ve sat on the toilet. Like what? I don’t usually take long but c’mon you know I’m not walking out in 5 min. 😑. It’s just annoying.