I said yes !


After being together for 5 years we split up for 7 months. The longest 7 months of my life. But our relationship wasn’t great. Wasn’t good tbh. It was up until the last year and a half. We both felt as if the other one didn’t care anymore and was just in a routine. I worked all the time and because i made a mistake 3 years ago he constantly thought i was cheating on him. Which i wasn’t. He pushed me away by being distant and cold. I pushed him away by never wanting to be at home so i was always working, and being hateful. He messaged me and we decided to hang out after not seeing each other for 7 months. When i got in the car and i looked at him i never realized how much i missed him but also how angry i was at him. We both did some petty shit when we broke up, but he done some omg shit. But we weren’t even tryna be back together at this point. We sat up all night the next night and talked. Actually have a civil conversation like this would have never happened a year ago. Like no way in mfn hell. He admitted all his wrongs, shit he would have never said like it blew my mind. I didn’t know what to say back. He asked me to marry him ... my heart literally hit my stomach. That’s all i had ever wanted before and now i didn’t know .. but i said yes. I thought about how the fact we met young and our relationship happened quick and we lost a baby young , we never had stability , we were both fighting court cases, had a horrible environment.. we never had a chance. But now we have a stable home , good environment, still fighting court cases but we got this , we are away from everyone who really knows us. And i think we can make it actually work. Because we still have a bond thats unbreakable. Well always be best friends in the end 🙄🖤 & i still wanna be his wife & mother to his children. The last few days have been rough because I’m over coming an addiction and it’s affecting both of us. But hes been by myside and helped me through it. I can’t post this anywhere else yet and i needed to let it out. I said yes to John 😘😘🖤🖤