4 weeks, 3 Days - SLEEP TALK

Raven • 💙 My prince 👑 is due Feb. 2021! First Time mommy 💙 IG: Ravenmulan

Hi ladies, what are some safe positions to sleep in? I read that we’re supposed to sleep on our left side? Is that true. My leg gets numb after hours on one side. And if I move a certain way stomach starts light cramping.

I’m having a really hard time sleeping so early! Help. Any advice?

My boyfriend just ordered me a maternity stomach pillow, I thought it was silly because it’s so early lol but I’m so bloated and gassy and uncomfortable.

This is going to be a long 9 months

Pregnant with MY FIRST BABY. So I’m so paranoid about hurting the baby. We want the baby to make it so bad. ❤️