Self Healing Journey TW// Unwanted Sex


The first photo was taken a week after I had drunk unwanted sex with one of my close friends. I was overweight, depressed, and felt so alone. They were a toxic friend group and the pain they caused me reflected in my weight gain and acne. I immediately cut them off and went through the levels of self healing. Now, about 10 months later, I lost 40lbs, I am with a loving boyfriend, in a healthy friend group, and I have reconnected with my spirituality. It’s not the same for every woman who has unwanted sex, but for me, it helped me, it made me stronger. My journey is still not complete, I have days where I lay in bed and remember the shame I felt looking at the bloody sheets. If anyone is going through something similar and needs someone to talk to privately, my Instagram is @zoebellehigh, you don’t need to follow me or like my photos or do anything like that, I just want to be here to support you and your healing journey.