CIO? Has anyone successfully done it?

Our doctor has recommended us to try it for an hour to see how it goes. My daughter wakes 10+ times a night just too see me and feed off me. She refuses a paci or any bottle and eats more than enough during the day. I’ve tried gentle versions of CIO like the Ferber and etc but they just seemed to make her angrier.

Currently she’s in her room and has been crying but then she’ll stop and start falling asleep then she’ll start all over again. I feel heartbroken but mentally I can’t keep doing it getting up so much at night. (I made a post a few days ago about it,) please any tips or advice if you did CIO let me know.


She ended up crying for less then 10 minutes and woke up only about 3 times. I went in there twice around 11 and then 5 am to feed her because I didn’t want to quit night feeding cold turkey. I can’t believe how good the first night was! Hopefully it’ll stick.