My bf is still in love with another girl and never told me

Update :

So my bf just told me he has this unconditional love for a girl he knew way before me . We been together for a little over a year now and he didn’t tell me this when we first got together. She doesn’t live in this country.

Now I read their text messages a couple days ago and they talk Like their in a relationship but she knows about me . He also sends her money every once in a while. And that’s what I thought it was this whole time but it’s more. He didn’t tell me how he truly felt about her until last night. They call each other baby etc. I read their messages last night and they were talking about how they should’ve been together. He told me he can’t just let her go bc she still got love for her bc she’s always there for him and vice. Versa .But he told me he loves me more and he’s wants to be with me .

He’s giving me to option to leave or stay bc it’s gonna be a while before he’s over it . She still wants him and he wants her .i even asked if he wanted to have sex with her and he pretty much said yes . But if she came down here he wouldn’t cheat behind my back . He told me he wouldn’t agree if I was talking with another man like this . I feel like if he really wanted to be with me and eventually marry me then he would stop talking how he does . Now I don’t mind them talking but it the way they talk. It’s very inappropriate to me if your in a relationship.

Also we just started our relationship over 3 days ago due to some mistakes that were made. He’s been through my phone and I’ve been through his .

We decided to be completely honest with each other this time around. He’s my first love and he’s taken my virginity. So i really do love him to death and I can’t see myself without him. We are literally the same person and he’s my best friend . We’ve already talked about if we ever broke up We would still be friends and spend time with each other. Sometimes I do feel like we be better off as friends .

He pretty much told me I can stay and continue to get hurt by him or leave and find someone else. I honestly don’t want to leave but I don’t want to be treated like this either

I forgot to add this as well.: he been talking about a polygamy relationship because I said I wanted a gf which he was done for . But I said it had to be with someone neither one of us knew. But now he has revealed that he wants it to be with her. Now that don’t sit right with me . He wants me to become friends with someone he loves and wants to have sex with . That is beyond crazy and I don’t agree at all. I know all this information is crazy. At this point I woke up thinking maybe we should just be friends because it’s too much .

I was so ready to leave him the other day but after I packed his stuff my heart just wouldn’t let me go through with it and I gave him another chance.

Idk how to feel honestly. If this was you in this situation would you leave or stay ?

So I just broke up with him . We aren’t together but we are still going to be friends . Reading y’alls comments helped me make my decision and come to my senses . I love him to death but I can’t sleep at night knowing he is talking to her on that level . I attempted to break up with him multiple times but I always made a way to make up for it and we laugh it off . I guess I wasn’t ready to let go.

I honestly feel so much better now . Thank you ladies !