Running out of things to do with these kids 😳😳😳

Since quarantine‘s been happening and not being able to go outside and do much I’m kind of losing my mind here running out of things to do with color we make puzzles we do crafts coming up with stupid ganes so I don’t even make any sense sometimes but they have fun and work books now that it’s summer time it’s just way too hot to play outside at least until the evening time so between 6 AM and 6 PM I’m losing my mind here I’m a single mom and a student luckily all my stuff is onlineSo I do most of my things and homework when they are asleep but during the day between cooking cleaning and picking up after them that’s the easy part trying to keep them occupied and learning and having fun it’s totally different they don’t wanna do the things that we’ve been doing and I’m running out of things and I don’t just want to give them a tablet I understand technology is important but I don’t want them to depend on it they are 1 and 3