Rekindling with an ex. 👩‍❤️‍👨👩‍👦

Single mom with a one year old and haven’t been into dating since my son was born. His donor is busy doing only god knows.

I recently got in touch with an ex seeing as he had just split with his (ex)girlfriend after them being together for almost two years and I wanted to make sure he was okay. It was just simple talks about how he was doing, how our days were and he would even ask about my son, like how he’s doing and all that. We had broken up over a silly argument that had gotten way outta hand, but was also mutual. There wasn’t any hate or drama following the breakup. We would message each other to see how the other was doing over the years and that was that.

He knows I’m a single mother and hasn’t met my son yet, although he would like to when I’m ready and when that time comes. He also knows the story of his donor. He never really liked the guy from the beginning.

Ever since we started seeing each other, it’s like a flip switched and all these old feelings came rushing back. He has told me that he feels the same way. I’ve never felt this feeling with anyone I’ve been with before and it honestly scares me. He’ll always ask how I’m doing, mentally physically and emotionally. He’ll ask how my day was and if he feels like I’m not being truthful, he’ll hug me if we’re together or tell me that he’ll be there all night for me. He’ll hold my hand and randomly bring it to his lips and kiss it then go on about his day or hug me with a peck on the cheek then whisper in my ear “you’re beautiful.”

I have no idea how we ever fell apart, but I’m glad that we’re talking again. I just don’t want to get hurt again, as anyone would and sometimes wonder if this is the right path. This man has been so kind to me since day one and never made me question a single bad thing from the very first day I met him. I feel like I’m falling head over heels for him all over again.

Should we continue talking and see where this takes us? Should we wait and see what happens? What if he meets my son and he ends up not wanting to talk anymore? So many what’s ifs and not a single answer. I know this whole story is all over the place but I would really like advice on this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.