Cd41-43 positive opks bfn hpt


Hoping someone might be able to shed some light, this has been so confusing!! Normally O cd21-24 but changed tests this month & got confused with how they work but had cramps cd26 so kind of assumed that was O.

From cd35 I’ve had cramping pretty much everyday, mostly lower left

I’ve POAS hpt & opk every day. Always bfn for hpt but suddenly day 41 got a peak smiley on clear blue digital and its stayed that way, we are on the 3rd morning of peaks. Even when I get a peak during my cycle is never lasts more than 36 hours! Nipples are sore, lots of cramps & stretching feelings plus nauseous this morning.

So, is it late ovulation, late implantation, AF on the way or something’s really wrong??