Toddler help!


Does anyone else's toddler find it a death sentence when you tell them to go play with toys? My son sobs as if I am punishing him by asking him to play.

I usually ask him when I am busy trying to make dinner, or clean, or finish a project and I just don't want him standing on top of me while I'm trying to get stuff done. But he will cry as if I broke his heart and if my husband is home he'll look at his dad and run over and say "daddy". I've trained my husband to tell him the same thing and it is just too brutal for this kid.

I'll even say "let's go play together" and try to play with him and he still cries. He likes his toys. He will play with them by himself unasked or with my husband, but if you ask him then the world ends. Any suggestions on what to do? I promise I've never used toy as a punishment and have no idea why he thinks it is