New place.

Okay so I just moved into a new apartment August 1st, that first night my son cried the whole night, and not just regular cry he was screaming crying like he was in pain. He was fine all Sunday until it hit night time again, he cried the whole night. It’s Monday August 3rd and again, fine all day today until now. I’m carrying him and he’s screaming, he’ll fall asleep and wake up crying, he’s only 5 months, so I’m not sure if he’s just not used to the place, or this place has a bad vibe for him. Not sure if relevant but the day we were moving, Saturday August 1st he fell off my moms bed. He was asleep and we were all packing and loading things up, he had pillows all over him but I guess he rolled over them. It was carpet and also hollow floor, still scary but not very bad, he cried for like a second, but I don’t know if he’s still scared from that fall since he was asleep.