My husband stopped working to be with his friend everyday!!

Is this seriously normal am I over exaggerating?

My husbands friend moved across the highway from us about 6 mins away and my husband is there everyday he wakes up at 8 am to go jogging with him by our house then his friend calls him after he leaves our house and he stays at our house for about 3 hours in the morning and then after he goes home they stay on the phone for an hour talking even after just seeing each other then after they hang up my husband goes to his house and spends hours there sometimes he’ll even come home at 1 am or 2 am from being there all night! He even stopped working he literally stopped working since his friend moved to our town! Now I’m stuck paying all the bills on my own but the little bit of money he does have he spends it on his friend he buys alcohol and weed for them everyday! He’s never been like this until his friend moved to our side of town! He threw his life away for him!! Idk what to do anymore anytime I talk to him about it he gets so mad and goes back to his house and says I just want to argue! He literally can’t go a day with out seeing this guy or a day with out even talking to him and my husband was never never the type to work out in the mornings now all the sudden he is! He never even wants to go walk the dogs with me but he has all the energy for this guy and only him he left our family for him!