First dentist appointment rant

I took my son to his first dentist appointment today he’s 2. So we waited for an hour to see the actual dentist and he was literally in the room for 3 minutes looks in my sons mouth and says he has 4 cavities then went on talking about how it usually happens because kids don’t have a routine at home or something messes up there schedule and he doesn’t get his teeth brushed. It’s like you don’t know me you don’t know my son and our schedules I didn’t think it was right that he would say that. I’m a stay at home mom for one and 2 he is a stubborn 2 year old but I brush his teeth twice a day even if he doesn’t like it 🤷🏻‍♀️ I just didn’t like this doctors bedside manner. Should I change dentists? we have another check up in 6 months and all he said about the cavities was to keep an eye on it.

Also first time mom here I’m not sure we’re to go about this.