Going The Nontoxic Baby Product Route?


Please no judgement or negativity. If you don’t buy into all this it’s fine. No use in putting others down.

Who is going the non toxic baby products route? If you are what products are you feeling safe about in terms of being chemical free and safe?

Some products I have researched to death so far are



-baby bottles

-car seats

-baby floor mats

-play gyms

-cloth diapers (looking for advice about the safest and most effective/what a good routine looks like)

-baby blankets

-play yard/transportable cribs


Products I’m thinking about, have added to my registry or purchased that are chemical and toxic free so far are:

-package free brand natural rubber teethers

-nuna Pipa lite infant care seat

-satsuma brand baby blankets

-rawganique baby blankets

-mason jar bottles

-l’oved baby clothes (I keep buying their products during their Thursday big find sales-they did $5 basics a month or so ago and I have all the basics I need from NB to 6-9mo)

-bloom baby bouncer

-babyletto portable crib (full sized)

-luminance skincare unscented products including soap and lotion

-spearmint love crib sheets

-babyletto mattress

-keekaru changing pad

-stokke flexible bath with newborn insert

-stokke new born attachment for high chair

-stokke high chair (purchased second hand)