Newlywed! TTC#1, 35yo looking for cycle buddies!


Hi everyone!! I’m new to this app today and am low key obsessed! Lol My husband and I actually met, dated (without going on any traditional dates), and got married during COVID19! I love him to death and we are now TTC! Given my age, I’m going ALL OUT! I’m using LH ovulation strips, have apps out the wazoo, and have been checking my CM daily! Ovulation is coming up! This is our 1st month TTC using all of these resources. We even tested his fertility using an at home test for men. All is great w/him! This is our 2nd month TTC. Last month, I was coming down from the stress of the wedding and was only using 2 apps. Hopefully, this month is our month!!! 🙏😄Anyone in a situation similar to mine? 😄