I guess me having “me time” is too much for him

I think every parent deserves some Me Time. I brought up the meet time to my husband a while ago on me going over to my sisters for the night to have a little bit of me time, I am a stay at home mom to a 13-year-old and a five-year-old and who has recently lost her mother and still grieving hard five months later and I hate having breakdowns in front of them, and my husband goes well where is my me time when do I get to go do something or go hang out with my family, first of all he does not like going over to his half siblings house or anything he’s not a big fan hanging out with them really And once a week he goes over to his dads who is 64 years old still works full-time he goes over there to mow his lawn it takes about 1.5 hrs to get it all done we live in the same town his dad lives on second street we live on sixth Street he will be gone for five or more hours like today right now he is I haven’t seen him since 1:30 and it’s almost 6pm now, I brought that up to him and how he goes over to his dad and is there for hours after he’s done mowing he’s drinking beer and just sitting there so I don’t see why once a month a little bit of me time for me is a big problem, to be able to go see my sisters I have a 29-year-old sister and a 12-year-old sister, and he knows I’m still having a very hard time with the passing of my mom and I would think he would understand since his mom passed away 15 years ago when we were 15 yrs old. 

Better clear it up more I HAVE TALKED TO HIM about it! On how stressed I am to the point I have had bad days to the point I am yelling at the kids not the littlest things and I hate when I get like that it’s cuz I’m over stressed between taking care of them, cleaning the house laundry and everything else like for a face he don’t know how to call in his prescriptions so today I noticed he has 2 days left of pills and text him saying he needs to watch his pills and he blamed me right away cuz I was the one who filled his pills 28 days ago but he’s the one taking them DAILY.