😭😭 why

We really messed up today. My ex came over to speak and we both lost it in front of our son. He witnessed a bit too much. Very very very bad parenting i lost all self control and it is killing me that i let my son witness that. We ended up coming to a conclusion.

Please don't bash me about this right now, just help me with advice as to what i can do for my son now? 😭

This has never happened. I just couldn't take it anymore. My ex made me lose my new job because he wouldn't pick our son up at the right time from me and i was late the whole week to a new job because of him and they sacked me for this and then he won't give me money to help with my bills or take responsibility that it was his fault and now he hired a private baby sitter on facebook without me knowing- to look after our son whom he only sees 3 times a fortnight. He emailed me saying he found a baby sitter and she has already met our son. We already have a baby sitter i got from his kindy who has been working for us for about 2 years.

I am tired mentally.

I couldn't take it anymore.