My OCD makes him nervous, his habits make me want to scream!

Kelly • Mommy of 6, should we make it 7?!?!

Grrrr. Im off my meds due to pregnancy so between that and nesting I'm admittedly cleaning, alot. My husband though isn't the neatest person! He leaves little messes EVERWHERE he goes, for instance he's making a tri tip today and he got seasoning all over the counter and floor, left out bottles and stuff, sink full of dishes so when he was done he sat down to watch TV, I went into the kitchen to wipe the counters put a few things away and then run the dyson to get all the crap off the floor and he had the nerve to tell me to stop and that I was making him nervous, he actuallyb said I was like a crackhead. Well it makes me anxious to have to step all over crumbs and stuff, to have clutter and mess out all over something that had just been tidy less than 5 minutes ago. He blasts the TV ALL day when he's home because he has narrow ear canals from surfing and can't hear that well. Hes always hot and has this damn fan, a giant attic fan thats loud and blows so hard the toddler hates it, she covers her ears when she comes to the living room. It's noise from every damn angle. I get that my cleaning can be annoying, but geez at least he has a clean house, clean laundry, clean bathroom. I dont get any benefit from his habits!!!! I dont mind picking up after him, honestly its just habit at this poiny and actually calms me but for him to bitch at me like he's perfect is damn annoying. Times like this I wish he worked more than 3 days so I could just do my own thing around the house. Guess I just needed to vent, he just came into our room where I retreated for some quite and asked why I was back in bed. I told him the TV was bugging me and he actually said he would look into a hearing aid but he would only wear it at home and that if I made fun of him he would break it lol. If you made it through this posting thanks and if you can relate feel free to share! Pregnancy has just got me going even more crazy lately LOL.