Vaginal Dryness😫



I’ve been having A LOT of vaginal dryness. This past month though has been a doozie. Three weeks ago I bled so much after using the restroom that I ended up in the ER because both my mom and I thought I was miscarrying. After my exam the ER doctor told me that I was so dried that I had major cracking down there causing the blood. Fast forward to this week I now have a sore that’s almost like a canker sore. It’s like a hole and it’s on the vagina lip down by my vagina opening. ITS SO PAINFUL.

I use baby wipes. I dab I don’t wipe. And I apply coconut oil down there to keep it from getting too dry. But HOW can I get the sore to heal? I’m 15 weeks and I’m trying to avoid another visit with my OB. I tried a telehealth appointment but that doctor was USELESS. I was curious if anyone else has experienced this.

Thank you!