40 weeks.

Bethany • Happily Married💍👫. First baby is in heaven👼. Momma to 2 boys 🧒🧒. Pregnant🤰with baby girl 👶.

It's official. I am 40 weeks pregnant as of today. My sweet little Irelynn has not come yet and we're ready for her and today is my due date. I plan on going for a walk with my twin boys to hopefully induce labor naturally later today and I'm going to try to get this girl out. I will try whatever it takes to get her out naturally. I have been talking to her. I told her that momma, papa and big brothers are ready for her and that she's fully baked. I also have sung to her. I sing to her every night. I have this one song that I feel is perfect for singing to her. It's called A La Nanita Nana and the reason why I sing her this song is because of my heritage on my birthfathers side. I want her to grow up with this song in her life. I just hope that she will come soon rather than later.