Extreme separation anxiety?


My 2 year old is having some insane separation anxiety. She has had phases like this through out her life but this has by far been the worst and hardest. I’m just not sure how normal this is or if I should be worried. My husband and I are exhausted and stressed and I just don’t know what to do.

She does okay if I leave the house...she may cry for a minute but is fine thereafter. It is when I am home! She always wants me to be near her, sometimes I have to be touching or holding her or else it is a screaming major meltdown. I work from home (I am a home baker), so sometimes I need to use my hands in the kitchen and can’t hold her and she literally will scream and pull at me and you’d think she was being murdered as she chases me around in a complete panic. I can’t walk away from her many days. And if even my husband is home, this gets much much worse. Dinner every night is a disaster and it’s come to the point where I think it’s dangerous because I can’t focus and I burn dinner or spill things.

I’ve tried redirecting her, which just makes her more upset. I’ve tried talking her through it and helping her take deep breaths. I’ve had my husband take her in another room and try and play with her. Everything just makes the screaming and panic more intense. I’m so lost. Hoping this ends soon and is not an indicator she has anxiety. HELP!