Positive C-section Birth Story Raw pics.


Hello guys! My baby girl came into this world on 08/25/2020 and will be four weeks tomorrow .

I had a due date of 09/12/2020 and I had a scheduled C-section for 09/08/2020. I had a breeched baby and I had gestational diabetes so reason why a C-section was set and not an induction.

I am overweight and 35 so they had me seeing a maternal fetal specialist often. From week 20 on once per four weeks for growth and as I hit 33 weeks twice a week. These were for bpp and a NST was done ✔️ once when the fetal movements were low to make sure there were no issues the ultrasound didn’t pick up.

On August 25th I went in for my first ultrasound for that week. I was concerned because her fetal movements were decreased once again. I had to submit my urine each time I have this appt. the tech was also having an issue getting baby to move around during ultrasound. The nurse practitioner came in and asked how I was doing. I told her I was worried her movements are low. Her next sentence was yeah, I think it’s time to have a baby!

She told me I now have protein in urine, +3 where the Friday prior it was zero. My blood pressure was high for the last four appointments where it was stable before that. Baby was still breeched and the fluid went from 8/8 to 3/8. I was happy to meet my baby girl but stressed super emotional 😭.

I left my appointment and headed over to labor and delivery. My hospital was right across the street guys. So, it wasn’t a long trip but hubby was was upset that he couldn’t be in the appt but I said at least you can come to the hospital.

I’m last minute but I actually was able to pre-register at the hospital. However, I didn’t pack my hospital bag yet. Lol 😂 I was 37+3 on that day! We got checked in and waited for what seemed like 25 years. But was about 20 minutes. We we escorted to the surgery area since I was having baby via C-section. Walking through those doors got me teared up y’all. I knew I would not leave this hospital with my baby still growing inside me. I would become a mother today.

They got me into a room and I had to change into those lovely gowns that don’t fit a slim gal! Haha. I got set up for the stress test to monitor baby girl. Since I ate at 7:20 am I couldn’t have the C-section preformed until was a emergency for 8 hours after last meal.

Around 11 am I was giving the COVID-19 test which was extremely uncomfortable and if I never have to test again it would be too soon. They had the results within 2 hours but of course I wasn’t told the results. But since I was treated like a piranha I assumed I was negative and once I got my discharge papers I saw I was negative. They also had me sign a bunch of paperwork. That was fun, but I understand required.

For the next hours I just sat there listened to my girls heartbeat. My husband got to hear her heartbeat for the first time. They told me my surgery would be around 430 and that allowed my hubby to go home and take our puppy out and kennel him with our vet.

He got back around 3 and we just sat there and waited. I slept for a while 25 minutes lucky me. I did not sleep much the night before. If I’m honest my sleep before baby was horrible. At around 3:45 they came in and said it will take a little longer someone came in that needed an emergency C-section.

Around 4:45 my anesthesiologist came in, asked me if I have ever had an epidural and I replied no I haven’t. She told me she would walk me through everything as we go. They had me sit up and be hunched over. As they prepped me they were very kind and told me how it would feel step by step. They told me what to expect and what could happen. It only took one prick thank goodness for that. They told me about the pain that would hit once the needle was in. The burning feeling of the needle itself and the cramping afterwards. Holy macro I wasn’t expecting that. They warned me that I could vomit. Which I’m glad didn’t happen. They warned me about that shaking which kicked in almost right away. That was kind of crazy and I was sitting there shaking away and the emotions of what was about to happen was intense.

They tested the numbness shortly afterwards and I was surprised how quickly it took, that’s when they inserted the catheter. That was extremely uncomfortable but not painful. They then wheeled me out of the room and that’s when the emotions got the best of me. Th tears wouldn’t stop and were that way throughout her birth.

As I got into the OR they had to transfer me off the bed. Once they did that, the midwife and the nurses were by my side explaining again step by step what will happen. There had to be 6-8 people in the room. They used some type of tape to tape up my stomach and breasts so I was there for everyone to see, no need to be shy. They tested the numbness once again. I couldn’t feel a thing.

The midwife started to tell me what to expect and they started the C-section. My husband was holding my hand the entire time and wiping the streaming tears that were falling. I was very emotional and I couldn’t believe in minutes I would see my daughter. I was also worried she wouldn’t be okay.

As they were going through the steps I was being told by my midwife and nurse. They told me what I may feel. I did not feel much, the pressure I didn’t feel. I know I didn’t feel it because they had already cut into me and about to pull her out and my husband said she’s almost here and I’m like already? Haha. I heard that angelic sound of her cry 😢. She was born at 5:34 pm at 19.25” long weighing in at 7 lbs 2 oz.

I got to see her before having them take her away and being stitched back up. That took no time at all and I was truly surprised how easy it was. The whole ordeal was seamless and I’m glad I choose the hospital I did.

My husband took some pictures of her being born which are great memories. They took her to the recovery room and her blood sugar was low so, she got some glucose right away and hubby said she was all happy for the liquid sugar. Lol 😂 but she was fine, and even though she was born 3 weeks early she was fully developed but we are thinking she was actually 39 weeks not 37 weeks.

I got to see her some but not for long they had to take her to the nursery for some more glucose and her blood sugar testing and a feeding. So, I did some skin to skin and after that we were taken to the room we would stay in during our stay. I wasn’t allowed to eat anything until 12 hours after my surgery but could drink and have a liquid diet.

The next hours were a blur to be honest. I didn’t sleep much but I got to spend some time with my beautiful girl. Hubby had to leave to get my bag I never packed. He was only allowed to leave once. They were checking mine and her vitals quite a bit so it was not a time for sleep. At least not for me. Lol.

At 5 am I was brought food and told at 5:45 they were going to get me to stand and walk to the bathroom. Which I did do, and I needed some help up but otherwise it wasn’t too bad. I was able to walk just fine. I still had the epidural hooked up. You could hit the button and I never did. I was given ib profen and tylenol as well as morphine for the pain. I was able to move around pretty good. They removed the catheter and I had to empty my bladder within 6 hours or I would need to have the catheter put back in. So, I sat in the toilet for almost an hour at hour 5 and nothing. Drank so much water and went back to the bed than 30 mins later I told them I need to pee. I emptied my bladder and had to measure my urine. The bleeding and clots surprised me. Again I was moving around and at 24 hours they removed the epidural completely. That is when the pain kicked in some. It was more just hard to move for pain. But I took the morphine on day 2 and some of day 3. I was able to leave on day 3 since no complications and I was not in pain.

We were provided with everything we could need for the baby and for me. I have nothing bad to say about anyone there, they were all amazing!

Welcome to the world Ava Elizabeth 💕💕💕💕