Rant about families

My husband and I have always tried to put in effort for both families to see our children but lately he has not been fair. We usually see both families once a week.

I went to see my family September 6th to bring my father a TV he wanted. We stayed 10 minutes and left because my husband didn’t want to visit.

I then when to breakfast on the 20th with my parents for my fathers birthday. We stayed a hour and left because he didn’t want to visit. He kept saying on the way there (did you tell them we aren’t staying) (let them know we aren’t there to visit)

So I seen my family 2 times this month if the first time even counts because I never even seen my mom.

However we seen his family twice every single week, for at least 8 hours a day. He told me today he wants to see him parents again this week because they need to see their grandchildren and I got a little upset because he literally never wants our kids to see my family. I told him that it’s not fair that my family hasn’t been able to see the kids but his family does 2 times a week. He got super defensive about it and won’t talk to me.

My family told me that they feel our kids only know one side of the family (his). My family lives 1 hour north from us and his live 1.5 hours south from us. I don’t drive by myself because I’m pregnant and my DR doesn’t want me lifting my toddler because of the weight. He calls his parents twice a day every day for 30min a day. I call mine once a week to make sure they are okay. I just hate how biased this is. It use to not be like this, but now he’s all about his family. Even so much that he made me spend my anniversary with his family because he wanted to visit them. My parents are a lot older and won’t be here much longer and it hurts me to see they aren’t involved to much with my kiddos because he always says he doesn’t want to stay and visit, but we spend 10 hours at his parents every single visit. Just over it