Looking for hopes! How major is the risk of future pregnancies after an ectopic one? Anyone wants to share their stories?


After 2 years of trying with PCOD, I finally saw that bold line on the test and felt at peace last month.

However, last week heavy bleeding with clots and pain started. My doc couldn’t see anything in ultrasound. I calculated 6 weeks but it seemed too early to detect. The hormones were also low. Meanwhile all the stories in internet and from people were still giving me hopes but I tried not to have high expectations as they hurt the most.

I just wanted a simple miscarriage if it is so and to free my mind, move fast over this and look for a brighter future. I tried not to shed a tear. But in a retest after 3 days the hcg increased but still very low than expected range and my doc indicated something not right. She couldn’t still see anything in Ultrasound again.

I started having sharp left pain in right pelvis , back and leg intermittently. Rushed to the hospital and they finally saw something like embryo on right fallopian tube. I didn’t know to be happy or sad. If only it was in the right place..

I am going through an ectopic pregnancy, my first one ever. I never had any surgery or scar and I can’t understand why it happens. It scares me to read of future risks and if everything will be fine and smooth the next time. I have multiple tests in coming days to see if hcg drops and miscarriage occurs by itself. I don’t know how to hold on in the meantime. Scared of any further serious damage to my body.

Maybe I am thinking too much but it is tough.

I saw many brave ladies sharing their stories, just hoping it will help..