How Do I Say it Nicely?!

My sex partner breathes so fucking heavy in my ear during intimate time and it dries me up!!

Like, I didn't ever think I could get that dry. It's a major turn off. He's a very handsome man but self conscious. I don't want to make him feel bad anymore than he already does. His ex (whom I've met) is a total bitch. I think she's insecure too but projects it onto other people. Actually, she & I tried hooking up a LONGGGGGGG time ago. I only recognized her by her name. She lost weight and still looks good 🤷‍♀️ (if I can be honest)


I've told him the things that turn me on and he does them but I assumed it would automatically stop his hot breath in my hear!! 😬

How can I nicely tell him to stop fucking deep breathing in my ear during sex? I think that he thinks it's a turn on and 'hot' when it really isn't.

Thanks y'all.