Sleep habits!! —Help!

Jennifer • I was diagnosed with PCOS 10/26/15. Expecting our 1st in Jan. 2021!!!!

Okay, so my daughter was born 12/1/2020. She’s a 33 week preemie. Her original due date was 1/19/21. She is almost 3 months, but 1.5 months gestational.

My question is, when will she being to have sleep associations? When does she need to be in her crib for all her naps and bed time?

She currently sleeps basically after every feeding which is every 2-2.5 hrs. Sometimes she’ll stay up, but not usually.

She sleeps in her crib at night. We usually put her to sleep between 9-10pm with the same, story, prayers bed and a rock/pat until we’re groggy but not fully asleep. Sprinkle in a bath every other day before the feeding.