First ultrasound today.. 8w

Mads • Wife & Dog Mom xo Oct 6 2021 🍂✨🥰 👼👼👼👼

So my ultrasound was supposed to be tomorrow but I noticed they had openings tonight so I rescheduled it!

I’m so, so nervous.

My last pregnancy ended as a blighted ovum so of course that’s my biggest fear.

Luckily my hubby is allowed to come back with me, I’m so grateful for that.

But I seriously just feel sick to my stomach with anxiety.

The good thing is, this time does feel different than the last. The last one it was like I almost knew something would be wrong before I went in. I don’t feel that so much now.

Please send me good thoughts to see a heartbeat and a healthy babe. 😭❤️