PGS results are in!


I posted this in the other group (Jan/Feb 2021) yesterday but I want to share the results here as well!

Here is a complete breakdown from egg retrieval to now:

Retrieved- 26

Mature- 16

Fertilized- 14

Biopsied- 11

PGS results:

•2 abnormal & 1 mosaic

•8 normal

-6 boys & 2 girls

I am now obsessively researching the results to understand all of the grading scales and what they mean.

Of the 8 normal we have 1 CHBBB, 5 HBBB, and 2 EBBB grades. (That took forever to try and understand when I typically see the number-letter-letter grading scale 😅)

From what I read, having a CHB versus an HB transferred actually results in less successful transfers? Does anyone have insight on the realities of this?

** EB= early blastocyst, HB= hatching blastocyst, CHB= completely hatched blastocyst **